The Hill Company Ltd is pleased to announce that, in order to continue to be at the cutting edge of technology, it recently upgraded its record management package RSSQL, by O'Neil Software Inc of Orange County, California US, the world's leading software house for the record management industry, to the latest version 4.04.02. This is so our customers can continually benefit from being among the first in the world to experience the latest features and functionality available. This combined with other unique features like RS Connector, RM Bridge and our soon to be released Android application positions us at the technological forefront of the record management industry.

As environmental sustenance takes centre stage, people are looking for newer and more economical options for transportation. Hybrid cars make a lot of sense in times like these when petrol prices are constantly rising. These cars that run on both petrol and batteries, but do not need to be recharged seem to be the obvious choice. This is why The Hill Company has just purchased two hybrid vehicles as company cars to further demonstrate our environmental credentials. More environmental initiatives are planned so please watch this space.

As part of The Hill Company's commitment to its community relations to support projects in the community we were pleased to support Hertford Rugby Club U15's tour to Paris. The tour saw 20 young players aged between 14-15 years spend 4 days in the heart of France sampling the culture and playing some games against their French counterparts.

The Hill Company is pleased to announce the launch of their Twitter page. This is aimed to bring you up to date information on what is happening at The Hill Company combined with industry and related industry news. We also aim to use this during both the Olympic and Paralympics games to give you an hourly service update. We can be found at @thehillco. Come by and say Hi and follow us.