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  • The racking that we use is modular in construction to enable us to alter dimensions to suit individual client requirements.
  • Each box location within the racking is identified by a location code which denotes;
    • The site number
    • Area within a site
    • Rack and row within an area
    • Lift (shelf number) within the Rack
    • Position on the shelf

Each shelf has a barcode with the above information attached for use in identification of storage and retrieval processes. All barcode labels used are specifically printed, vinyl laminated and possess high quality adhesive for longevity. Each lift of shelving is equipped with different colour barcodes and the boxes that are stored within the shelves have the same colour sticker applied to that of the shelf. This serves as an additional visual check.

The above barcode configuration allows us to accurately pinpoint the location of each box. Each box has the same static location for life (when the box is retrieved it returns to the same location on return). We do not operate a random filing away system which is common practice within our industry.

Durasteel Vault

Durasteel is a non-combustible composite panel of fibre reinforced cement, mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets on both surfaces. Durasteel combines lightness, strength, impact resistance and durability with exceptional fire resistance.

The Inergen gas system used is a total flooding, clean agent, fire suppression system designed to provide a uniform concentration within the protected area.

The Inergen gas that is contained within the fire suppression system is a fast, effective and safe gas that conforms to the highest environmental and safety standards. Inergen gas is a mixture of Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide. It extinguishes fire by reducing the oxygen levels within the affected area by below 15%, which is the point at which the majority of most combustible material will no longer burn.

The Durasteel vault is fully alarmed and CCTV monitored in order to record individuals who enter and leave. Furthermore, only authorised personnel may enter the vault by swipe card access.

Dedicated Areas

For those clients that require additional peace of mind we can provide dedicated caged areas for their archive material. For some clients we have even placed their boxes in number order on request.

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fire panelThe Hill Company take the fire protection of your records very seriously.

To ensure that your items are safe at all times most of The Hill Company Sites have the following fire protection measures in place as standard;

  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) smoke detectors. This system constantly samples the air conditions within the archive. Should any changes occur it sends a warning to the Operations team with a zonal reference for any potential concern.
  • Zonal monitoring systems linked to Redcare. Alerts Key holders and the local police or fire brigade of concern.
  • Zonal sprinkler system. Should the sprinkler system be required as a last resort, it would only be activated in the area of the fire. This avoids jeopardising the entire archive. Our pumps are tested weekly to ensure that they are fully functional.
  • Inergen gas protected areas. Inergen gas is used in our Durasteel vaults. These vaults are a sealed environment and are used for business critical documents such as Deeds, Wills and computer back-up tapes. Should a fire ignite within the vault the Inergen gas is released and reduces oxygen levels to eliminate the fire.
  • Fire extinguishers throughout document storage facility. We have fire marshals on site that have been trained on the use of fire extinguishers.

The Hill Company provide client viewing rooms, which enable customers to view their archive material onsite at The Hill Company. We are able to provide these rooms with 24 hours notice and will make sure that the boxes/files that you wish to review are ready and waiting in the room prior to your arrival along with a cup of tea or coffee.

Private and secure client viewing areas are available with copying, fax, e-mail, secure web access and telephone facilities.

health signsThe Hill Company take the security of its customer's records very seriously.

To ensure that your items are safe at all times all Hill Company Sites have the following security measures in place as standard;

  • Perimeter fencing around the entirety of the site
  • Single gated entrance locked at all times
  • Visitors' signed in and escorted at all times
  • Access control
  • Security lighting
  • Internal and external colour CCTV cameras for 24 hour surveillance recorded to a digital video recorder
  • NACOSS approved and maintained intruder alarms with GSM Redcare
  • Overnight patrols
  • Police response
  • Staff vetted

It also places similar importance on the Health & Safety of its site and staff and ensures that all necessary staff has the following training:

  • First aid
  • Fire marshal
  • Manual handling
  • Forklift
  • Risk assessment

The Hill Company only purchases brand new vehicles. They are sign written and serviced and maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications.

All THC vehicles have the following security measures fitted as standard;

  • Central Locking
  • Alarm
  • Immobiliser
  • Trackers
  • Fire Extinguishers

We monitor all of our vehicles via Masternaut software, which allows us to see live GPS web tracks of the vehicles. This means we can carry out effective route planning and use of our vehicles and is a further commitment to our environment creditability's.

In addition to this all of our drivers have a hands-free mobile phone kits which allows them to notify us of any delays or concerns. We then proactively contact our customers should we expect a delay. All drivers are The Hill Company employees and wear corporate uniform and display i.d. badges.

Click Here to find out more about Masternaut Software

The Hill Company currently operates 5 state of the art records centres in the UK.

They are all racked out with multi tier racking and durasteel vaults and benefit from a high standard of fire protection and security. All record centres are modern buildings constructed within the last 10 years to the highest specification.

The Hill Company owns all the buildings freehold which means they are not subject to large rent increases, which others may be forced to pass on to their customers.

solusSolus 31, West Thurrock, Essex

As in its name the facility is positioned next to junction 31 of the M25 allowing the centre to service London, Bristol, Birmingham.

dolphin wayDolphin Way, Purfleet, Essex

Located within 1 mile of our Solus 31 head office this allows the centre to service London , Bristol, Birmingham.

Aston-Lane-BuildingAston Point, Aston Lane South, Runcorn

The property is a self contained brand new high quality high bay warehouse. Aston Point is strategically located immediately off J11 of the M56 to enable us to serve our existing customers in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

james murray_houseJames Murray House, Starlaw Rd, Livingston

Starlaw Park is strategically located immediately off J3A of the M8 and has great transport links to service Glasgow, Edinburgh. This site is also used for deep and inactive records from all parts of the UK.

BR Smaller 2Beam Reach, Unit 7, Consul Avenue, Rainham, Essex

Beam Reach is located immediately off the A13, so allows the centre to service London and has great access links to the M25.

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