In August 2005, the Hill Company were awarded the contract to manage in excess of 60,000 boxes for a major City based solicitor.  This involved the uplift of files from in-house and third party sites, thus rationalising the archive facility onto a single, managed facility.

The relocation entailed the following;

  • Relocation of 25,000 boxes and 100,000 files from the solicitor’s own managed in-house facility. All boxes were barcoded and alternate codes logged onsite in order to provide a seamless and immediate track and trace of all items, both during the uplift and beyond.
  • Transfer of 15,000 and 2,500 boxes from two third party archive storage providers
  • Information relating to the items from three different locations was amalgamated onto one online database for ease of reference.
  • Online ordering of boxes and files

The Hill Company now provide daily delivery/retrieval services to all of the Client's UK offices, with a premium  emergency service providing two hour retrieval on demand.

Following an online tender bid in December 2005, The Hill Company were subsequently awarded the contract to manage the offsite data storage service for a large European Bank.

This involved the production of a detailed implementation plan to cater for the collection of over 2500 data tapes per day. Each tape was barcoded and referenced on arrival at The Hill Company.

The Hill Company provide the following services;

  • Storage of 60,000 data tapes within a durasteel vault protected by an inergen gas suppression system.
  • Provision of three scheduled deliveries per day (11.00am, 3.00pm & 11.00pm).
  • 24/7 365 days per year emergency delivery service.
  • Detailed monthly reports.
  • Online ordering/monitoring

Following a pre-qualification and tender evaluation exercise, The Hill Company were awarded a contract in August 2005 to relocate, store and manage 250,000 archive boxes, with additional growth of c20,000 boxes per year, for a major London solicitor.

The scope of services so far provided has included the following:

  • Relocating 250,000 boxes from a third party provider in a 10 month period. During the relocation period the daily quantity of boxes transferred ranged between 500 and 2250.
  • In order to facilitate the transfer The Hill Company pre–produced customised barcodes which matched the clients existing box reference numbers. The appropriate barcodes were then allocated to the appropriate boxes on arrival at The Hill Company. This enabled the client’s Records Management database to correspond with The Hill Company’s warehouse database.
  • During the relocation period, The Hill Company took responsibility for delivery of all requested items from both the third party supplier and The Hill Company. This involved a vehicle making up to three daily scheduled trips to the former supplier in order to collect the requested items and deliver straight to the client’s premises.
  • The Hill Company now provides 7 daily scheduled deliveries at two hour intervals to this client. In addition to the scheduled deliveries there is also an emergency and out of hours service. In order to service this requirement we provide two dedicated vans with 3 dedicated drivers.

The Hill Company were invited to tender for the management of the archives for a large insurance company in November 2004, and were subsequently awarded the contract in December 2004.

In managing this contract The Hill Company have the key responsibilities and projects as follows;

  • The Hill Company are now responsible for the management and processing of requests of in excess of 750,000 boxes which are stored at various third party providers and at the insurance company’s own storage facility at Norwich.
  • In taking over the responsibility for the management of the storage facility The Hill Company were required to TUPE 20 staff across to their employment, who are responsible for the processing and picking of orders at the facility.
  • The Hill Company have installed their own Centre of Excellence manager to oversee and manage the day to day operation.
  • THC are commencing the relocation of in excess of 250,000 archive boxes in to the Norwich facility from third party providers.
  • THC currently have a team of 35 staff who are managing the re -cataloguing of in excess of 85,000 items per month.
  • The Hill Company are soon implementing desk deliveries to insurance company staff.
  • THC will soon be managing the entirety of the archives and all associated services for this major insurance broker.

In meeting the requirements defined by the company in their original tender document, The Hill Company will turn the storage facility at Norwich into a ‘’Centre of Excellence’’ that will set the benchmark for all other similar operations.

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