Document Storage

State Of The Art Records Centres

The Hill Company owns and runs 5, purpose built, records centres, managing over 3 million boxes for companies across the UK – All have the highest level of security, fire protection and modular racking.

With over 1 million cubic square foot of storage capacity available we can offer solutions tailored to your company’s individual needs, including;

  • ‘Live active’ for files in constant demand
  • Vault storage for documents requiring the highest level
    of security and protection.
  • Deep storage for rarely accessed files.

Storing and Accessing your Documents

Each client is allocated a dedicated, storage bay. This is the permanent location, even if items are retrieved, they will always be returned to the original location, thus minimising the risk of lost or misplaced items. This system differentiates us from many other service providers who operate a ‘random storage’ system.

Document collections, retrievals and deliveries can all be managed via our secure, online web portal.

All deliveries & collections are performed using our own fleet of liveried, tracked vehicles and uniformed drivers. All items are scanned and tracked at every stage of the process, using mobile scanners, for full traceability.

If you require immediate access to documents, they can be scanned back to you, wherever you are in the world, within 3 hours.

Active Storage

We recommend ‘Active Storage for those documents you require regular access to. These Items are accessible to our clients 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and can be delivered back same day, next day or scanned back digitally via our secure web portal.

Wills and Deeds

Business critical documents such as wills and deeds are stored within Durasteel, fire resistant vaults. The vaults are humidity controlled, fully alarmed, CCTV monitored, and access is controlled via a swipe card.

The vaults have the added fire protection of Inergen gas systems.

Where individual deed packets are requested, we can arrange to deliver them within sealed crates.

Items are accessible to our clients 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and can be delivered back same day, next day or digitally available via our secure web portal.

Long Term Storage

We also provide a cost-effective, long-term storage option. Ideal for items that you are required to keep for legal purposes but rarely, if ever, retrieved.

These items can be delivered within two working days.

Digital Media

We can store and manage all types of digital media including:

  • Hard drives.
  • USB memory sticks.
  • DLT/DAT tapes.
  • CD Roms/DVD’s.

All items are stored within durasteel vaults . All vaults are:

  • Humidity controlled
  • Fully alarmed, CCTV monitored
  • Accessed via a swipe card
  • Have the added fire protection of Inergen gas systems

Lockable transit cases are available to purchase or rent. Items are accessible to our clients 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and can be delivered same day or next day.

Digital Access and Control via our Web Portal

Our web portal allows you to order items for delivery or collection, order supplies, manage destructions, view activity or scans of documents.

It can be accessed by authorised users, 24 hours per day, 365 day a year from anywhere in the world. Giving you unrivalled access and control over your records.

Users access can be tailored to your specific needs – You can set individual access or departmental access to ‘view only’, ‘order only’ or ‘edit’ or any combination. The system is ‘real- time’ meaning you’ve always got full control and accurate information at your fingertips.

The use of O’Neil’s software allows us to fully track and trace our client’s items using barcodes. Handheld pocket pcs scan the item at the point of collection, while in transit and within our record centres. Clients can have confirmation of all deliveries and collections via an e-receipt.

The web portal can hold varied information, for example:

  • Box number
  • Contents & Description
  • File reference
  • Departments
  • Client names
  • Review/Destroy dates

Searching for information is easy with the use of full text search. You can search for information contained in any field to find a specific record.

The web portal is fully customisable to allow you total control over the data you see. In addition we can create ‘monthly management reports’.

Switching from a current Provider

If you are looking to move your records from a current provider to us, we can make the transition hassle free and seamless with no break in service.

  • We will liaise directly with the incumbent supplier.
  • Collecting a minimum of 250 boxes per day.
  • All boxes are given a barcode upon intake.
  • We provide confirmation of all items collected on a daily spreadsheet.
  • All items are securely stored and details uploaded onto our web portal
    within 24 hours of arriving at our record centres.
  • At the end of the transfer period we will reconcile received items
    against original list to ensure complete and successful handover.
  • Your dedicated account manager will handle any discrepancies on your
    behalf to ensure a hassle free transfer.

Our Staff

All Hill company staff are employed by us, we don’t use temporary staff. Prior to employment all our staff go through a comprehensive vetting and reference procedure to BS7898 including full DBS. For your peace of mind all staff visiting your work place are uniformed and have a photographic ID.


In order to offer exceptional client service, quality and compliance is paramount. We hold the following

  • ISO 9001 QualityManagement System
  • ISO 14001 EnvironmentalManagement System
  • ISO 27001 InformationSecurity Management
  • ISO 45001 Health & SafetyManagement System

Fire Protection

All The Hill Company records centres benefit from the latest fire protection systems which include :

  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) smoke detectors – This
    system constantly samples the air conditions within the centre. Should
    any changes occur it sends a warning to the operations team with a zonal
    reference for any potential concern.
  • Zonal monitoring systems linked to Redcare – If an alarm is raised it will
    automatically alert the relevant emergency service.
  • Zonal sprinkler system – Should the sprinkler system be required, it would
    only be activated in the area of the fire. This avoids jeopardising the entire
  • Inergen gas protected areas –Inergen gas is used in our Durasteel vaults.
    These vaults are a sealed environment and are used for business-critical
    documents such as Deeds, Wills and Digital Media. Should a fire ignite
    within the vault the Inergen gas is released and reduces oxygen levels to
    eliminate the fire.
  • Fire Safety Equipment – Fire extinguishers throughout document storage facility.
  •  Fire Training –Fire marshals on site that have been trained in the use of fire extinguishers.
  •  No Smoking Policy – Smoking is prohibited at The Hill Company’s facilities.


Security is of paramount importance to The Hill Company and our records centres all benefit from the following controls and equipment in place:





Internal Security

  • Visitors are by appointment only, signed in and escorted – Prior to site
    visits, visitors & contractors are requested to complete visitor entry forms
    and confidentiality agreements.
  • Access control – All doors leading to the records centres and admin
    areas are only accessible with a swipe access card.
  • Internal and external colour CCTV cameras for 24-hour surveillance
    recorded to a digital video recorder –
    digital recorder is in a secure area
    and holds recordings for 30 days.
  • NACOSS approved and maintained intruder alarms with GSM Redcare
    Intruder alarms are monitored 24/7 by an independent monitoring





External Security

  • Record Centres – All sites are standalone buildings with sole occupancy.
  • Perimeter fencing – around the entirety of all sites.
  • Single gated entrance always locked – Monitors the access of
    Authorised staff and visitors.
  • Security lighting – Lighting external areas to enable CCTV to record.
  • Overnight patrols – Random time inspections of the exterior of the
  • Police & Key Holder response – Intruder activations are alerted to the
    Police and key holders by the monitoring station.





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