Why AI needs Document Scanning

An intellectual revolution is just starting, which will impact people who work with their minds just as much as the Industrial Revolution impacted people who worked with their hands.  And, like the Industrial Revolution, companies who embrace it will thrive, and those who are left behind will struggle to service.

The technology powering the revolution is, of course, AI in the form of Large Language Models.  ChatGPT and its rivals are already widely used, and remarkably good at what they do.  Professional companies like lawyers, consultants and accountants are embracing them.  They also know they cannot be better than their rivals if they are using the same publicly-available tools.  The way ahead is to build their own Large Language Model, and train it on data specific to their business and skillset.

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How Document Scanning Enables Office Workers to Work from Home

Since the COVID lockdowns of 2020 the concept of remote work and working from home for office workers has gained significant traction.  Working from home was forced onto both employees and employers by the pandemic.  Both have now found it offers considerable benefits.  Continue reading “How Document Scanning Enables Office Workers to Work from Home”

Top Benefits of Document Scanning Services for your Business

If your company is like the majority of others around the globe, specific portions of your office are allocated to the storage of documents. The information may be housed in dozens of filing cabinets, in the basement, in an entire records room, or even in stacks of long drawers. Possibly, it exists in each of these. Document scanning, on the other hand, is something that can be useful and provides numerous advantages. You may give your business various gifts by converting paper documents into digital formats. Continue reading as we cover several of document scanning solutions most fundamental and pervasive benefits.

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