Why We Think We Are The Right Size Company For You

document management solution

We are a family run, financially secure company. We think that makes us the right size for you.

Companies House will tell you a lot about us.  That we live up to our name because members of the Hill family are involved in running the company.

That our turnover in 2022 was £7,985,000, and our profit after tax was £660,000.

Why is any of this important to a potential client?  Because it shows we are the right size of company for you, and that we are financially secure.

The document scanning, storing and shredding industry we work in is maturing and consolidating.  People using our smaller competitors are finding that the company they have know for years has been taken over, and that the people they have worked with for years have been replaced.  Sometimes the good customer service they are used to goes, too.  That’s not going to happen to us.  We are too big, and too independent.

Some of our competitors are far bigger: major multinational companies.  They claim to offer economies of scale, but their pricing is not always as competitive as they claim.  And they claim to be customer-focussed, but their customers never get further than talking to account managers ( some with impressive job titles) and help desks.  The actual decision makers are a long way away, in another country.  That means it’s hard for them to offer anything but a standard, head office approved., package.  We’re different.  New clients talk to the people who actually run the company, and are in charge of the company.  They can put together a package that works for you, and works for us.